80+ New Foreign Job Vacancies in Sri Lanka

Foreign job vacancies refer to job openings that are located in a country other than the one in which the job seeker currently resides. There are many foreign job vacancies available for Sri Lankans These can be found in a variety of industries, including education, healthcare, engineering, IT, finance, hospitality, etc. These vacancies are advertised by Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agencies and through international employment agencies or companies.

The best way to find Foreign job vacancies will vary depending on the country and industry you are interested in, but some options to consider include searching on Jobconlk.com, contacting Sri Lankan recruitment, and networking with people via social platforms (Linked in is the best platform to connect professionals of any industry to get a job abroad) or relatives who are already working in your desired field abroad.

What are the different types of foreign jobs available?

There are many different types of foreign jobs in Sri Lanka agencies. You can get your dream foreign job vacancy through Sri Lankan agencies. There are thousands of employees recruited by the abroad companies mostly in gulf countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Some common types of positions are listed below:

  • Teachers (e.g. English Teachers, IT teachers, Maths Teachers, etc.)
  • Business professionals (e.g. in finance, marketing, etc.)
  • Engineers (e.g. civil engineers)
  • IT professionals (e.g. Software developers, Web developers, Network engineers, Graphic designers, etc.
  • Healthcare workers (e.g. Doctors, Nurses, Health care labourers, etc)
  • Hospitality and tourism industry workers

These jobs can be found in various countries, and the requirements for each job vacancy will depend on the employer and the country. That means some countries may require specific certifications or qualifications with experience in the relevant field. In general, if you have good experience in your field, good communication skills in English, and a strong CV that will increase your chances of being hired by a foreign company.

The Financial Benefits of Working Abroad

Working abroad can have several financial benefits for Sri Lankans, including:

Higher salaries:

Many foreign companies offer higher salaries to attract and retain employees. For example, thousands of Sri Lankans migrate to gulf countries to get jobs and get higher salaries last year. Even going to work as a cleaner in middle east countries can earn you more than 150,000 LKR. It’s really the highest salary for a Sri Lankan. You don’t need any experience to work as a cleaner.

Tax benefits:

90% of Sri Lankans migrate to Gulf countries because these countries have lower tax rates than others. This makes it possible to buy quality products at lower prices. And more than 80 per cent of salary money can be sent to Sri Lanka.

Currency exchange rates

If you are paid in a foreign currency and the exchange rate is favourable, you may be able to save or invest more of your income.

Career advancement:

Working abroad can open up new opportunities for career advancement, which can lead to higher earning potential in the long term.

Saving on living expenses:

Depending on where you live, the cost of living can be much lower abroad, which can help you save more of your income.

Exposure to different cultures and ways of doing business:

 Working abroad can also expose you to new ways of thinking and working, which can be valuable for your personal and professional development.

Which country has the most job opportunities for Sri Lankans?