Consultant – Post-harvest Management, Value Addition and Marketing Specialist

Government Job Vacancies in Sri Lanka 2024:

Qualifications & Experience

  • She/He should have a Master’s degree in Food Science, Agriculture or any other related field. At least seven years of working experience, in post-harvest technology and value addition and marketing
  • Her/his background must include thorough training in food processing and engineering specifically related to fruits and/or vegetables and/or grains, food chemistry and plant sciences and experience working in the commercial food processing industry;
  • Experience with processing including threshing, washing, decortication, cleaning, grading, heat treatment, quality testing and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) controls, etc.;
  • Experience with the development of value-added products;
  • Extensive knowledge of contemporary issues in food processing systems within the agricultural sector;
  • Computer literacy is a prerequisite, as is a very good command of spoken and written English and Sinhala;
  • Fully aware of and alert to the crosscutting issues of gender, youth, and poverty targeting. Previous experience working with communities

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