200+ New Foreign Jobs in Sri Lanka 2024

Foreign Jobs in Sri Lanka 2024: On this page, you can browse the latest abroad jobs from Sri Lankan registered agencies. Foreign jobs offer unique opportunities for personal and professional growth. There are plenty of job opportunities in Gulf countries for Sri Lankans who possess professional qualifications. You can get a high salary in Gulf countries even a light vehicle driver can get above 150,000LKR. Therefore thousands of Sri Lankans migrated to Middle Eastern countries to get jobs due to the economic crisis. The listed jobs and agencies have been verified by Jobconlk. If you want to confirm whether an agency is registered or not, you can check on the official website of the Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment.

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Foreign Job in Sri Lanka 2024

Find below the Latest Foreign jobs in Sri Lanka 2024.


Where Can You Find Foreign Jobs in Sri Lanka?

Finding foreign jobs in Sri Lanka can be achieved through different channels and websites. Below are some popular methods and platforms to consider:

  • Jobconlk.com is the best foreign job listing website. It lists available overseas job vacancies from Sri Lankan registered agencies and provides salary information.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. Many Sri Lankan professionals on this platform are seeking foreign job opportunities. You can utilize its job search feature to find opportunities and connect with recruiters worldwide to pursue your dream job abroad.

Finding Foreign Jobs in Sri Lanka and Verifying Foreign Employment Agency

To determine if a Foreign Employment Agency is registered or not, there are a few steps you can take.

  1. Check the agency’s website: First and foremost, Sri Lankan foreign employment agencies have official websites that showcase information about their agency, including contact details, location, customer/passenger testimonials, registration status, and the latest foreign job vacancies. By assessing these details, you can determine whether the agency is genuine or not.
  2. Check the Agency on SLBFE: Sri Lankan Foreign Employment Agencies must be registered under SLBFE, So you must check whether the agency is registered or not in SLBFE (Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment) On SLBFE’s website you can check the agency providing Labour Licence Number or Any part of agency name or any part of address yourself. (Click Here to visit the website).
  3. Conduct online research: Search for the agency’s name along with keywords like “Registration Number/Address/Phone Number/Location” on the search engine. This will enable you to obtain comprehensive information about the agency from the official databases or directories of the Sri Lankan Government.
  4. Request documentation: The aforementioned three steps should be sufficient for verification. However, if you still have doubts, you can directly request the agency to provide proof of their registration. The registered agencies will provide the necessary documentation. Afterwards, you can find the latest details about job opportunities abroad on their social media and website.
  5. Jobconlk is listing verified/registered jobs of Sri Lankan agencies on this web page for the year 2024. Bookmark this web page and refresh it daily to stay updated and find your dream overseas job.

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