Irrigation Dept. – Government Jobs 2021

Minisrty of Irrigation, Irrigation Department- Government Jobs

Government Job Vacancies in Sri Lanka

Open Competitive Examination For The Recruitment to the Following Vacancies from eligible Sri Lankans


Government Vacancies: at Irrigation Department
01. Draughtsman
02. Drilling Assistant
03. Research Assistant -General
04. Civil Engineering Material Surveyor
05. Soil cartographer
06. Hydrological assistant
07. Hydrological field assistant 
08. Research assistant (Engineering 
09. Soil surveyor 

Posts expected to be recruited


  • Preparation of/ Checking detailed plans from designed sketches, basic parameters and drafts given by the Engineering staff: Preparation of /Checking plans, contour maps, longitudinal sections and cross sections from land surveying and levelling: Preparation of/ Checking blocking-out plans, plans of land acquisition, plans of operation and maintenance etc. of irrigation projects  
  • Calculation of quantities: Rate analysis: Preparation of/Checking bills of quantities 
  • Checking work estimates, Preparation of/checking forms, schedules, according to work estimates related to procurements: Checking measurement books, payment bills, final payment records and plans related to payments for work. 
  • Maintenance of technical data, reports of operations of irrigation projects. Preparation of/ Checking progress reports 
  • Custodianship and maintenance of plans, structural drawings, other drawing office documents, materials and instruments. 
  • Any other duties related to draughtsmanship assigned by the executive/ management.

02. Drilling Assistant


  • Testing the strength of ground, ground water leakage etc for major and medium scale constructions 
  • Collecting rock and soil samples from soil layers of different soil depth levels for foundations of major constructions 
  • Taking measures for prevent leakage in rock-layers as well strengthening those. 
  • Strengthening of completed constructions by injecting cement and chemicals, surface concrete lining by machines, taking measures for water leakages and other shortcomings. 
  • Reports submission related to above tasks. Operation, maintenance and repairing drilling machines, water pumps and other instruments and relevant diesel and petrol machineries required for above tasks.
03. Research Assistant -General

  • Determining physical and chemical properties of soil and water samples required for feasibility studies of ongoing and proposed irrigational projects and other development projects. 
  • Preparation of solutions and reagents accurately. Proper handling of modern microelectronic, electric and electro mechanical instruments used in day-to-day analysis. 
  • Accurate data analysis and proper maintenance of records. Processing of data obtained from analysis.
04. Civil Engineering Material Surveyor


  • Surveying of engineering materials required for constructions of irrigation projects of Irrigation Department, quality controlling of the engineering materials (about the properties and strengths of soil and concrete materials) and certifying the standards. 
  • Engage in engineering materials research activities for constructions carried out on the requests by government and private institutions.
05. Soil cartographer

  • !Agglomerate and compiling soil survey and soil#usage-maps 
  • Drawing and coloring$maps using data given 
  • Preparing final soil-map from the draft soil-map 
  • Preparation of land classified, soil and land use map using aerial photographs and engineering surveys, coloring of maps and calculation of areas, scaled up and scaled down maps: 
  • Drawing geographic plans for various soil profiles, Preparations of graphs 
  • and drawing for reports given. Preparation of important things for printing of color-maps. 
  • Preparing soil-maps using computer software
06. Hydrological assistant 


  • By applying scientific theories practically, calculation and analysis of hydrological and climatological data collected based on river basins and reservoirs islandwide Sri Lanka for hydrological requirements. Computerization of data, and analysis of data using computers. 
  • Preparation and maintenance of daily, monthly, annual and long term reports.Preparation of 
  • said information for public and related institutions. 
  • Assure the accuracy & supervise the quality of collected #hydrological as well
  • climatological+data.And maintaining the certified data bank. 
  • Collecting and computerizing data to predict increasing of the water levels in rivers.
  • Collection of data frequently and giving warnings accordingly during a flood situation or when getting close to a flood situation in major rivers.
  • And more responsibility.

07. Hydrological field assistant

  • Maintaining hydrological unit office in selected river valleys by the hydrology section and collecting required weather data, rainfall, river water levels and changes in the water level of near by tanks 
  • Submitting all the collected hydrological and weather data to the Head Office at the end of each month in order to check and record. 
  • Measuring the discharges of rivers and tributaries at such water levels. 
  • Continuously sending the field data required for early warning at times of a flood situation or when getting close to a flood situation in major rivers to the Head Office
  • Keeping records of the changing flood levels with time at times of major flooding.

08. Research assistant (Engineering

  • Carrying out research according to given specifications on the suitability of engineering materials required for the constructions of irrigation projects at the Irrigation Department and certifying standards based on research findings: 
  • Engaging in quality control of engineering materials (characteristics and strengths of soil and 
  • concretes)upon the requirement of the service. 
  • Carrying out research on engineering materials and certifying the standards for the constructions carried out on the requests of government and private institutions

09. Soil surveyor 


  • Obtaining field data and other data required for soil surveys and land use survey scarried out by land use division for ongoing and projects which are expected to be carried out in the future in irrigation or other development projects:
  • classifying of each soil type according to the international soil classification.
  • Considering factors of soil formation (climate, geography, geological facts etc.) deciding the location and the distribution of each soil category or series.
  • Analyzing the aerial photographs using aerial photography stereoscope of the related areas 
  • Obtaining field data by soil surveys according to the required intensity of data, identifying soil types according to the soil profiles.
  • Preparing draft soil map based on observation data obtained at the field and adjusting to the required scale using the pantograph machine.
  • Creating land use maps using data obtained in the field & internet 
  • Obtaining data from GPS (Global Positioning System)instruments
  • Administration of field laborers, watchman & drivers at the field and directly carrying out financial-duties
  • and more responsibilities
Sending the application: 

Completed application form should be sent by registered post on or before 10th January 2021.

Mailing Address:

Director General of Irrigation
Irrigation Department
230, Bauddhaloka Mawatha,
Colombo 07

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