Fake Degree Certificate in Sri Lanka

How fake degrees provides in Sri Lanka Imagination?

A named British Campus registered in a respected Divisional Secretary area in Sri  Lanka, after registration non of any authority monitors even UGC or Ministry of Education, meanwhile you can named whatsoever you preferred name, no matter its American or British Campus (only in Sri Lanka)


British Campus will be signed an agreement between two campus as affiliated or academic Partnership in Sri Lanka (Regulation) .

But here is the fraudulent case begin , simply British Campus will be search a Foreign University which is listed in International of Association University for(IAU/WHED ) or Association of Commonwealth University (ACU) specifically a country chosen non available embassy in Colombo,here we go 

For a example :

University of Alaska, USA original  websiteis www.uoa.edu.com (it’s listed ) upto here it’s fine legally done , but the thing is begin here British Campus (Locally Registered) create a website in the name of University of Alaska, fabricate website is named as www.unialaska.com (everything will be perfect address, chancellor, founder etc.. but only email different) perhaps they linked while clicking the originate website it’s directing to local created website (this magic only can identified 1 person out of 100 person)

UGC and Responsibility, Colombo now British Campus will print a fake degree certificate in a shop or home award to Student , the completed Degree student goes to UGC in Colombo and the UGC only check weather its listed in both body (ACU/IAU) they never look into differential logo,website,address,  physically class done,quality of teaching or never ever call or email to foreign originate University to verify.

Finally UGC Approved and provide letter to said student  but they escape by writing Footnote (This letter not indicated authenticity of degrees or indicate students has registered and follow the course in the University ,the authenticity of the degree certificate should be verified from the University)

Ultimately, you can apply in any department of Sri Lanka for government job and you will get definitely a job but later on related Department may require a verification from University, now Government Departments will be send a Courier Service with Degree copy ( this will be addressed to local British Campus) or Email (will be send to locally created website email which is operated by local mediator) so the verification is coming from owned writing hand,so now no issues, students and departments 100% free to believe.

In this case not a single authority or department in Sri Lanka investigate , this is why they do forgery documents and running a Campus without any fear .

Zuhair Ali 

Freelance Writer

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