Top 20 Teaching Exam Past Papers, New Model Papers (S/T/E)

Teaching Exam Past Papers are previous assessment papers given to teacher candidates to prepare for the exam or to revise what they have studied for the government teacher examination. You will know the format, and type of questions that will be asked in the upcoming teaching exams in Sri Lanka. Candidates use past papers to test their knowledge of the education field (local and international), to understand the difficulty of the exam, and to improve their ability to take the test.

Teaching exam past papers with answers is one of the most important tools for effective examination preparation. It helps candidates to know the General knowledge exam and IQ exam better. All the model papers, and seminar papers (more than 30) of the Teaching exam (Western Province teaching exam past papers, Eastern Province teaching exam past papers, Southern Province Teaching exam past papers, and other provinces) are available only on this website. And you can browse latest government job vacancies on this website.


Open Competitive Teaching Exam Past Papers (All Province of Sri Lanka)

An open competitive teaching examination is a competitive test or assessment process that is open to all qualified Sri Lankan graduates and diploma holders, regardless of their background, to fill the teaching jobs in Sri Lankan central government or semi-government schools.

Provincial Teaching Exam Past Papers with Answers

  1. Teaching exam past paper| Southern Province | Download | Tamil
  2. Teaching exam past paper| Sabragamua Province | Download | English
  3. Teaching exam past paper| Sabragamua Province | Sinhala |Download
  4. Teaching exam past paper| Sabragamua Province 2017-2018| Tamil | Download
  5. Teaching exam past paper| Sabragamua Province 2017-2018| Sinhala | Download
  6. Teaching exam past paper| Southern Province 2019| Tamil | Download
  7. Teaching exam past paper| Eastern Province 2017| Tamil | Download
  8. Education General Knowledge (Sri Lanka 2021) | Download
  9. Download the Best IQ Book

How to Prepare for Exams with Past Papers?

Preparing for teaching exams using past papers is an effective strategy that helps you familiarize yourself with the exam format, question types (Education related general knowledge). Here’s a great guide on how to make the most of past papers in your teaching exam preparation:

Gather Past Papers: Collect as many past exam papers as you can (We have uploaded all teaching exam past papers you can download from above links). These papers are often available on this web page or from peers who have taken the teaching exam previously.

Understand the Syllabus: You must know the exam syllabus and the topics that will be covered. This will help you focus your study efforts on the right areas. Mostly IQ and education General knowledge will be covered for this examination. you can find out enough education related GK from government websites such as education department website, and NIE website.

Create a Study Schedule: Develop suitable study timetable yourself to allocate time for solving teaching exam past papers. Allocate equal time to IQ and Gk because both are very importan subject. Keep on your mind that you must get higher marks in two papers. Otherwise you will never get this job.

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